Astrology is an extremely powerful and pure science. Astrology is a tool to enhance the overall quality of life of an individual. It helps to improve physical, mental and spiritual health to provide balance to the internal and social self.

Unfortunately, people have been misusing it for materialistic gains by extracting money from individuals who are suffering or in need of spiritual guidance. But those looking for guidance are also at fault as they seek immediate relief and a transformation in their lives overnight and when expected results are not achieved, they curse astrology, the divine Para-science.

Without the knowledge of all parts of the birth chart, balance of elements and a thorough understanding of astrology, no accurate or meaningful remedies/results can be arrived at. In the absence of complete understanding of this science, uninformed calculations and inaccurate remedies fail to provide any relief to the individual in need.

To provide absolutely scientific remedies and accurate results and to help people understand the importance, correctness and application of astrology we study a person from all perspectives – birth details, palm and aura, and then give remedies based on scientific and Para-scientific calculations.


Birth Chart Analysis

Preparation of birth chart on the basis of birth details, aura and vibrations. It contains general as well as specific analysis of the individual. It may be a brief or detailed report depending on the requirement of the individual.

Annual Chart Analysis

Preparation of annual chart analysis which includes detailed calculations for one year of the individual with all the remedies pertaining to the specific one year period.

Health Chart Analysis

Preparation of a health chart spanning the individual’s lifetime which gives information about illness in specific periods of different planets. It also contains remedies, mantras and colours to nullify or reduce the ill effects of different planets.

Relationship Chart Analysis

Preparation of love and marriage chart which includes information about love life and prospects of marriage. It also includes details related to marriage compatibility and remedies for harmonious marital life.

Professional Life Chart Analysis

Preparation of professional life chart which contains guidance related to career, business and employment decisions. It also includes information about difficulties that the individual may face in the professional sphere and remedies for a successful professional life.

Child Chart Analysis

It is essentially a family chart which provides remedies for couples who are unable to conceive a child. It also includes remedies for improving the future of the child/children in the family.

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